Our Vision

CULTVR is a digital platform that uses emerging technologies to connect audiences with contemporary arts and culture from across Wales.
The platform has been conceived by 4Pi Productions’ directors Matt Wright and Janire Najera. We have created a unique online showcase that allows audiences to discover the best in contemporary Welsh culture and for artists, producers and venues to promote their work in an entirely new immersive medium. We capture events using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, 360° video and photography alongside high quality 3D scans, back stage access and artist interviews to create immersive richly detailed experiences from completely new perspectives.

CULTVR is passionate about supporting the arts and culture in Wales. Through its web presence CULTVR enables diverse and extensive online engagement, capturing the now and preserving it for future generations in a forward facing form. All content can be accessed across platforms and can be viewed on mobile, desktop, tablets and VR headsets.

How it works

Partners, venues and individuals support CULTVR through various packages which enable the platform to offer professional 360º capture services to a wide variety of cultural activities.

Professional Services

Immersive Capture

  • 360° Video up to 12K
  • 3D Scanning
  • Fulldome film production

Virtual Reality

  • Interactive 360° film production
  • VR experience design and development
  • Virtual 3D tour

360° Live Streaming

  • 4K Live stream to Social media
  • 360º Live Stream to Immersive Dome

360° Equipment Hire

  • 360° GoPro Rigs, Nikon, Gear, Orah.
  • Stabilizer gimbals
  • Cable Camera system
  • Remote Control system

Dome Hire

  • 360° x 180° 3K 3D immersive Fulldome projection system.
  • Fulldome and VR content playback
  • Live streaming
  • Live Performance and VJ
  • 3m & 5m Studio Dome
  • 7m & 11m Events Dome


  • Custom 360° filming rig design
  • Aerial 360° drone & cable camera
  • Complete event capture & delivery