CULTVR Lab is Europe’s first immersive cross-disciplinary space with a strong focus on digital arts, live performance and 360º cinema. This unique venue allows for immersive technologies to be developed, tested and deployed, exploring new methods for storytelling within immersive performances and presentations.

Conceived by 4Pi Productions, the Lab creates an environment for producers, technologists, film and theatre makers, artists, academics and performers to come together in the pursuit of this unique medium’s capabilities. We have also created an online platform that uses emerging technologies to connect audiences with contemporary arts and culture from across Wales. CULTVR’s portal offers a digital space for artists, producers and venues to promote their work in an entirely new immersive medium. We capture events using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, 360° video and photography alongside high quality 3D scans, capturing the now and preserving it for future generations in a forward facing form. CULTVR is passionate about supporting the arts and culture in Wales. All content can be accessed across platforms and can be viewed on mobile, desktop, tablets and VR headsets.


4Pi are an award-winning creative studio that blends powerful emerging technologies with cross-media storytelling approaches, producing immersive experiences that reach out to audiences in new and engaging ways. 4Pi develop their own creative projects and platforms, including The Dance Dome which has visited more than 30 cities across the world.

Matt Wright and Janire Nájera have been working together since 2006 developing multi-disciplinary international art projects from their base in Wales. In 2013 they founded 4Pi to combine their creative practices exploring the boundaries between art, design and technology. Raquel Garcia joined the core team in 2017 bringing a breath of expertise in interaction design. As part of 4Pi, Ieuan Watkins and Dan Davies take care of the technical production, from live music to in-house AV and light installations. Lauren Summers is CULTVR's Production and Events Manager and Rachel Kinchin manages all press and marketing enquiries.



  • 360° Video up to 12K
  • Fulldome film production
  • Interactive 360° film production
  • VR experience design and development
  • Virtual 3D tour


  • Live Capture for 360° film production
  • 360º Animation Techniques
  • Live reactive content in 360º
  • Ambisonic Audio Production


  • 4K Live stream to Social media
  • 360º Live Stream to Immersive Dome


  • 360° GoPro Rigs, Nikon, Gear, Orah
  • Stabilizer gimbals
  • Cable Camera system
  • Remote Control system


  • 4K 3D Fulldome projection system
  • Fulldome and VR content playback
  • Live Performance and VJ
  • 3m / 6m / 12m Domes


  • Event Production
  • Projection Mapping
  • Experiential Installations
  • Custom 360° filming rig design
  • Aerial 360° drone
  • Complete event capture & delivery