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Bubblewrap Collective presents Ritual Cloak‘s EP launch Vanished in Transition.

Ritual Cloak is Daniel Barnett, formerly of Samoans & drummer/producer Andrew Sanders. Both coming from predominantly rock backgrounds, the duo set out to explore new musical territory in the form of piano-led ambient soundscapes & minimal techno beats drawn from a mutual love of sci-fi.

Ritual Cloak take a more introspective and meditative direction with new EP, Vanished in Transition, venturing into new musical territories that draw influence from ambient, jazz, doom metal and George Harrison’s indian explorations. Leaning into down-tempo rhythms, drums have been exchanged for heart-beats, as if this EP is the duo breathing deep in readiness to face the next chapter.

Catch the band performing the EP live, plus a selection of tracks from their back catalogue, in an exclusive, immersive AV show under our 360º dome.

Support comes from Teddy Hunter.